3 minutes walking from Aoba Dori Ichibancho Station where is the city center in Sendai city !

5 minutes from Sendai Station by subway,
12 minutes walking from JR Sendai Station in a
straight line. Located in a convenient place for
both business and sightseeing.

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Map of surrounding area

Tranportation information

◆By Train
5 minutes by Tozai Line from Sendai Subway Station, get off at Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station, then 3 minutes walking.
◆By Car
15 minutes from Tohoku Jidoshado Miyagi Interchange.
◆From Airport
25 minutes to JR Sendai Station by Sendai airport access railway (17 minutes by Rapid express)

Access from Sendai Station to our hotel

◆By Walking
12 minutes (about 1km) from Sendai Station.
◆By Bus
The second stop of crosstown bus (¥120), 3 minutes walking.
◆By Taxi
5 minutes (basic rate)
◆By Subway
5 minutes by Tozai Line from Sendai Subway Station, get off at Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station, then 3 minutes walking.
Parking Lots Information

[Contracted Parking Lots]

  • We are not able to reserve parking spaces to the contracted parking lots. However, we will guide you the parking upon your arrival.
  • Discount coupons are available for the guests who park the contracted parking lots. Please stop by the front desk before entering the parking lots.
  • Please be aware that parking lots tend to be packed on Saturdays and days before national holidays. Furthermore, since there are a limited number of parking spaces for large vehicles, the spaces might be full.
  • When the contracted parking lots are full, we will likely direct you to a nearby coin parking lot. In which case, please be aware that we are not able to verify open parking spaces, or the prices of the respective parking lots.
  • You are not able to re-enter the contracted parking lots after you exit. If you leave and re-enter, you need to pay hourly.
  • Our contracted parking lots are closed on December 31st and January 1st. Please be aware that we will guide you to park near the hotel.

Contracted Parking Lot Prices

Vehicle Height Limit Business
NPD Sendai Ichibancho Parking TEL: 080-5638-6746

Weekdays: 3:00pm-9:00am*
Weekends & Holidays: 3:00pm-11:00am*

Tower parking: ¥800
On-ground parking: ¥1,200

Tower & On-ground: ¥200/30mins Tower Parking 155cm 7:00am-11:00pm (Weekends & Holidays till 10:00pm)
Sunmall Parking TEL: 022-262-7034


Tower: ¥800
On-ground & Old cars (33 Numbers): ¥1,000

Tower: ¥150/30mins
On-ground & Old cars (33 Numbers): ¥200/30mins

Tower Parking 160cm


Ai-Oi Nissei Dowa Sonpo Parking TEL:090-2026-5397 3:00pm-10:00am Tower only: ¥900 ¥150/30mins 155cm 7:30am-10:00pm

*NPD Sendai Ichibancho Parking's contracted time is in accordance with the car’s exit from the parking lot.
For example,
Car enters Friday, exits Saturday: Contracted price is until 11:00am
Car enters Sunday, exits Monday: Contracted price is until 9:00am

-Please be aware that cars can only enter and exit the parking lot during operating hours.
-If the car exits during the contracted time period, the contracted discount price cannot be charged. Even if the exit is during the contracted time, the price will be the standard hourly price of the parking lot and not the contracted price.

Coin Parking Lot Prices

  Standard Price Maximum Price Vehicle Height Limit Parking Capacity
Nisshin Park Ichibancho

7:00am-9:00pm: ¥200 /40mins

9:00pm-7:00am: ¥100 /30mins

11:00pm-7:00am: Maximum ¥1,000

none 33 cars
Daiya Park Ichibancho/ Ichibancho Nichome

¥100 /30mins

7:00am-8:00pm: Maximum ¥1,600

8:00pm-7:00am: Maximum ¥500


25 cars
Mitsui Repark

8:00am-8:00pm: ¥200 /30 mins

8:00pm-8:00am: ¥100 /60mins

8:00am-10:00pm: Maximum ¥1,800

10:00pm-8:00am: Maximum ¥400

none 40 cars
Plaza Parking

8:00am-9:00pm: ¥100/30mins

9:00pm-8:00am: ¥10/30mins

24 hours from entry: Maximum ¥1,600


142 cars
Max one Parking


First 40 minutes: ¥200

After first 40 minutes: ¥100 /15minutes

10:00pm-8:00am: ¥100 /60mins

8:00am-10:00pm: Maximum ¥1,800

10:00pm-8:00am: Maximum ¥200


109 cars
Taisho Parking

¥200 /30mins

12 hours from entry: Maximum ¥1,600


190 cars

*Please be aware that these plans may change without prior notice.

[Bus parking]
Parking spaces for buses must be reserved by either the guest or a travel agency. Furthermore, the customer must incur taxi fares to and from parking lots.


Inquiries & Reservations